FAQ: Starting a New Custom Picture Framing Business

How long does it take to get open?
Obviously, the answer is dependent on many factors. The first is location. Finding an appropriate location is easy. Finding a great location is tougher. Finding the perfect location takes time. The single most important decision you will make once you decide to go into the framing business is location. Your location is so important to us that we will make on site visits to work with you. Once a location is found you begin a lease negotiation. This can take anywhere from two weeks to two months. After everyone has agreed to the terms, leases must be reviewed by an attorney.

Rarely is the space leased in move-in condition. Renovations are required; building permits necessary. The permitting process can be short or long, depending on the area. After build-out is complete you can take possession of the space.

Once you have the space, you can be open in less than a month. However, you want to open at a time most advantageous to you. That is determined by market factors and lease provisions.

Our experience has shown us that the time range is generally from five months to a year.

How much does it cost?
On the financial side, investments range from slightly below one hundred thousand to perhaps as much as one hundred thirty-five thousand dollars. These figures include all of your startup fees, expenses, and inventory (very little is ever kept on hand in custom frame shops) as well as some operating capital. These amounts vary based on the area and your particular situation.

What if there are already framers in my area?
Thats a good sign. It indicates that people in the area are buying custom picture framing. Your shop will be more customer-friendly and service oriented. You will have a better selection of nicer products. Rarely is a market saturated with good framers.

Do I need to have experience as a framer?
No. Your training will give you the skills to consistently produce high quality work. If you enjoy working with your hands, you will find the work to be very satisfying.

How do I get started?
Gather and read all the materials available. Make a list of questions. Now, call us at (617) 285-0855. We love to talk about the picture framing business. Your initial calls are at no cost or obligation.

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