Secret Shopper Market Evaluations

Your happy customers are repeat customers.
Your happy customers are repeat customers.
Do you often wonder where you stand in relation to your competitors? Are your prices in line with the market? Are you and your employees friendly and courteous? Are other businesses in your area doing a better job than you are? Do you compete against inferior quality products and lose on price? These are only some of the questions that can be answered by a Secret Shopper Market Evaluation.

Critical understanding of your market position price-wise is important in any economic situation, more so in difficult times. You must know how your pricing compares with direct competitors in order to maximize profitability.

A well planned and executed mystery shopping program will provide management with methodology to measure the current performance of their employees. The detailed feedback from the mystery shoppers visit provides management with an understanding of their staffs areas of strength, while highlighting those areas requiring additional attention or training. Mystery shopping provides decision-makers with actionable information to increase sales, increase profits, improve customer satisfaction and enhance employee performance.

Custom designed mystery shopping programs are developed to enhance your employee performance. At the same time, they provide key decision makers with timely, useful information to make sound strategic moves to directly impact tomorrows bottom line. It is the goal of PFA to create long-term strategic partnerships with our clients, helping them to meet new challenges in todays ever-changing business climate.

Shopper reports are an invaluable tool in measuring customer satisfaction and experience, along with salesmanship, professionalism, compliance, closing skills, follow up, and much, much more. Our comprehensive reports will provide you with objective feedback in support of your training, performance reviews and incentive programs. Most important, detailed feedback can help you resolve problems before you lose customers or market share. Additionally, they can help you recognize and reward your superstars before you lose them to boredom or to the competition.

A complete market evaluation including prices and framed samples of your competitors work can be completed in less time and for less money than a simple direct mail campaign. Yet, the results can be far reaching.

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